📥 Email Roundup (Dec/Jan)

23rd of December: Season’s Greetings

We hope that you all have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year period, even if you are not able to do all that you had planned!

There was lots of chatter and laughter at the December meeting and hope all those that attended enjoyed the evening.  At the moment we cannot say what form the January meeting will take – our 4th Birthday!  TheCommittee will be discussing this after Christmas and we will let you know what we have planned for that meeting.

We have been sent this link by theBroxtowe Women’s Project which provides some important information on a particular aspect of abuse:

Is narcissism making you suffer? Discover the key signs of this manipulative abuse

PLEASE take time to vote for your preferred WI Resolution – only 10 members out of 48 have voted so far!!  This is the link:


Sending Best Wishes, The Hive WICommittee

3rd of January: IMPORTANT – January 2022 Members Meeting

In view of the Omicrom variant Covid 19 surge and possible further restrictions in the near future, we need to consider whether to meet in person next week (Wednesday January 12th).

We are celebrating our 4th Birthday with a cake decorating and sugar paste crafting demonstration with Jill from Beeston Baking School. Jill can either do the demonstration face to face as planned or on Zoom. If it is on Zoom, after the cake decorating demo she guide us through making a sugar paste flower. You would just need to have some sugar paste and a plastic bag ready at home for this.

We need a response via email OR via Facebook to one of the options below, by Friday January 7th.

Thank you,

Michelle on behalf of the Committee

a) I will attend the meeting on Zoom

b) I will attend the meeting face to face meeting

c) I will attend the meeting in either format

d) I will not be attending the January Meeting

8th of January: Wednesday’s Hive WI Meeting

Thank you to all those members who replied with their preference for theformat of our up and coming meeting.  After totalling the votes we have decided to deliver the meeting via Zoom as there are more members willing to attend by this method.  Thelink will be sent with the Newsletter in a couple of days time.

Jill, from Beeston Baking School, will be giving a cake decorating demonstration after which we can join her with some sugar crafting. If you want to participate in making your own sugar paste flowers then you will need to have the following to hand:

  • A sharp knife (you must be over 18!)
  • Sugar paste/fondant icing (available in supermarkets)
  • Green food colouring
  • Rolling pin
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic bag
  • Clean hands and work surface!

Sorry but there will be no Birthday Cake this month but we hope we can soon enjoy some when we are back in the Hall!

12th of January: Zoom Meeting Link

Please see the email in your inbox for the actual link. Thank you!

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