📥 Email Round Up (Mar/Apr)

7th of March: Membership

The new year for WI membership commences on 1st April and this year the fee will be £44.  (For anyone a member of another WI the fee is £21.60.)

We hope that you will be renewing your membership as we have another full and varied programme of speakers and activities planned which you can enjoy with other Hive WI members.

You can make payment via BACs to The Hive WI Barclay’s account (Ed: please see the email in your inbox for our bank details). PLEASE USE YOUR INITIAL & SURNAME AS REFERENCE

Alternatively you can pay at the meeting by cheque (made out to The Hive WI) or in cash (exact amount please) directly to Rosanna at the meeting.  (We can provide an address if you wish to post a cheque.)

It is also important that we have your correct name, address, phone number and email address so please send us an email or complete a form at the meeting.  (If you are not receiving your copy of WI Life then your recorded address may be incorrect.)

Are you a tax payer?  If YES then by completing a Gift Aid form we can reclaim 25p in each £1 of your membership fee this year and the previous 3 years!  Please see Rosanna at the meeting for a form if you have not already completed a form or we can email one to you.  Of course, if your circumstances have changed and you no longer pay tax then Rosanna will need to be notified.

Please could payments be made by the end of April but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

We look forward to another fun year – The Hive WI Committee

8th of March: Covid Safety

Now that the Covid rules for wearing masks etc, have been removed and there are limited Lateral Flow Test kits, we ask that Members do not attend a meeting if they feel unwell in any way.  If you live with anyone or have been in close proximity (working alongside) to someone who has Covid, we also ask that you do not attend meetings.

We hope you agree this is a sensible approach for the safety and wellbeing of other members.

Hand sanitizer will still be provided at meetings and we will continue with additional cleaning.  If you would feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask during meetings, please do so.

If subsequent to a meeting, within a 7 day period, you believe you have Covid we would appreciate an email so that we can advise members – with total anonymity will be retained.

We hope to have several prospective new members joining us at the meeting and any volunteers to welcome them would be appreciated – we know we can rely on you to let them know what a friendly bunch we are!

Many thanks, The Hive WI Committee

12th of March: The Hive WI Updates

We hope that all those members and visitors who attended our meeting on Wednesday enjoyed it as much as us on the Committee!!  Going by the noise and laughter we think you did!

Although the part of the evening which was given over to the Annual Meeting might have seemed a complicated and lengthy process, it is important that we comply with the WI Constitution.  However, by including multi-choice questions on the Financial Statement you were able to gain a better understanding of our Finances, also having the Annual Report as a poem made for enjoyable listening.  Each of these are attached, particularly for those who were unable to join us at the meeting.

We can confirm that Cheryl Ruse was elected President and Michelle Whitehouse will be taking on the role of Secretary while Sally Penn picks up the role of Programme Co-ordinator.  Katie Wakefield is taking on responsibility for ensuring we have a rota of ladies to help set up the hall, make cakes and serve refreshments at our monthly meetings.  Additional responsibilities will be agreed at the next Committee Meeting on 24 March and you will be duly advised.

It has been agreed that at the June Meeting, which coincides with celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and which we will be joined by the Lady Bay Revellers Morris Dancers , members are invited to:

  • wear something red, white and blue
  • bring along Jubilee related souvenirs, photos etc from previous celebrations
  • bring a decorated crown – this will be available for members to collect at the May meeting which they can decorate at home.  We are planning to have a few prizes (details to follow)

Unfortunately the Craft Group will not be meeting on Saturday 19 March in the Methodist Church Hall although some members will be meeting in a local cafe (please email if you want details of this).  The Walk ‘n’  Talk Group have changed the date of their next walk to Sunday 3 April (s0 it does not clash with Mothering Sunday).

There are some additional documents attached as follows:

  • a flyer from NFWI regarding the making of Platinum Jubilee Corgis by members to ‘hide’ around local areas; anyone planning to knit a corgi using the pattern in the recent copy of WI Life please note thefollowing correction:  ROW 11 should be K3, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K3 (20 stitches)
  • details of 3 upcoming events being organised by Notts Federation were of particular interest to some members – please note dates for payment to The Hive WI in order we can make payment to Notts Fed before their closure dates.

Just a reminder that it was decided by Members to have a Zoom meeting in April on the History of Knickers – details will be in the next Newsletter!

Thank you to all those who have already paid their Annual Subscriptions and we ask that all renewals are received by end of April.

We hope you are looking forward to another exciting year as much as we are!

Regards, The Hive Committee 

7th of April: April Meeting

We are disappointed to have to let you know the ‘History of Knickers’ speaker is unable to join us next week for her talk on Zoom.  We do hope to re-arrange this for sometime in the future.

However, we have decided to hold an in-person meeting in the Church Hall at the usual time, even if we are not sure what we will be doing – except there will be plenty of time to enjoy each others’ company over a cuppa and possibly some cake.  More news will be emailed to you before next Wednesday.

In the meantime, thank you to all those who have paid their annual subscription and a reminder to those who have still to pay.

The Hive WI Committee

10th of April: Help at Wednesday’s Meeting

As you know we are re-organising this week’s meeting and we will need 3 members to help in setting out the chairs and tables at 7pm – please email if you can help.

We are returning to collecting donations for hot drinks and cake (yes homemade will be available) but ask for the correct cash (suggesting 50p for drink and with cake £1).

This means we need a couple of members to be in the kitchen from 7:10pm to set things out and serve refreshments before the start of the meeting and tidy up on its conclusion – please email if  you can assist.

More details of the meeting and upcoming events will be in the Newsletter coming out soon!

The Supper Club will be going to The Circle, in Beeston, on Wednesday 20th April.  The Restaurant has asked for a £5 deposit per person, which will have to be paid this week.  Anyone wishing to go must bring their £5 to the meeting but if you will not be at the meeting please send an email so we can make arrangements to collect your money.

The Hive WI Committee

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