📥 Email Roundup (June/July)

9th of June: Voting for The Hive WI charity 2022-23

Following several nominations the following charities have been shortlisted:

  • AUTISTIC NOTTINGHAM – provide services and spaces for Autistic people who are often overlooked or have no appropriate services for their needs
  • BUNDLES OF HOPE – working with Midwives, Health Visitors, Social workers and local charities, provides opportunities for families of pre-school children to access clothing, shoes, nappies free of charge
  • HOPE NOTTINGHAM (FOODBANK) – Collecting funds and items for the local community foodbank
  • TRANSFORM MENTAL HEALTH – provides training and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people
  • TREETOPS HOSPICE – provides nursing care and emotional support for adults and their families

Please use the following link to vote for your choice:

[Link removed as voting is now over]

Many thanks,

Cheryl Ruse, President

27th of June: July Meeting

Unfortunately we have had to postpone our Speaker for this meeting (Tea Tasting) but don’t worry we will still be having a Cream Scone to start the evening, for which we do ask you to bring your own plate and knife please.

After this we will learning about items from a bygone age –  more details will be coming in the Newsletter.

However, changes to our plans mean that we do require a couple of ladies to serve refreshments, so if you can assist please send in an email.

Many thanks,  Sally Penn

Programme Secretary

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