Committee Profiles

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President, Jenny-Marie

Hi, I’m Jenny-Marie! I was a member of the setup team and was given the huge privilege of becoming the first president of The Hive WI in January 2018.

I’m originally from a seaside town in Suffolk but moved to Beeston in 2005 to study Russian, Serbian and Croatian at Nottingham University.

I fell in love with the area and Beeston has become my home.

I wanted to join the WI to try new things and make friends.

I never imagined setting one up but it’s been a truly wonderful experience and I’ve made some really great friends.

As president I oversee all the day to day running of The Hive WI and coordinate a hard-working committee.

At times being President can be a lot of work and responsibility but I am so proud of what we have created at The Hive WI and I’m excited to see where it will go in the future.

I’ve learnt a huge amount being president, but my biggest personal challenge was finding the confidence to stand up in front of 80+ ladies and lead meetings.

A year ago I would have had a panic attack just talking in front of two or three people!

It’s been hugely rewarding for me and I’ve really grown in confidence.

Vice President, Cheryl

Hi, I’m Cheryl I’m very proud to be one of the Vice Presidents of the Hive WI.

As one of the Vice Presidents I occasionally deputise for the President by chairing committee and members meetings.

I’m originally from Warwickshire but moved to Nottingham in 2008 to take up a new job and I moved to Beeston in May 2014, attracted by its vibrant and diverse community.

Beeston is defiantly my home, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I joined the Hive WI to broaden my horizons and make new friends. Joining a new community and making new friends in the local area can be difficult and I though WI would be a good way to do this (I wasn’t wrong).

In my spare time I like to read, cross stitch, garden and I am learning to crochet, knit and salsa dance. I’m a big foodie and regular member of our Supper Club sub group. I am also a proud crazy cat lady to Minnie and Monty.

Vice President and MCS Rep, Marie

I’m Marie, one of the Vice Presidents and your MCS* Rep. This means that I collate membership forms and record your membership with the main WI. If you have any queries about your membership or if you need to update your contact details, I’m the woman to see!

I was on the start up team of The Hive WI and was looking forward to creating an exciting group for women to come together and try something new.

I originally trained and worked as a legal advisor in the charity sector, In recent years I have retrained and qualified as an antenatal and postnatal teacher because I want to help increase women’s confidence in birth.

* The MCS is the “Membership Communications System”.

Secretary, Sally

I’m Sally and this year I shall be Secretary for The Hive.

I guess you could say the WI is part of my DNA as I am the 3rd generation to be a member, my mother being Secretary of the village WI for many years.

I first joined the WI seven years ago as a way of meeting people when I moved to Grantham and so when I moved to Spalding and then Beeston, I sought out new WIs to make new friends and I am so glad I did!!

I look forward to the monthly meetings as I know I will learn something new or participate in fun activities – although as Secretary I must not forget I have formal duties like keeping a record of the meeting as well as ensuring the President and I keep members updated of events. But I always try to ensure I can enjoy some cake and say Hello to lots of members!

I have attended several Federation meetings and events over the years which is a great opportunity to join members from other WIs and are a reminder that The Hive is part of this great organisation of WIs found throughout the country!

As someone who is retired in theory, I have plenty of time to enjoy my hobbies of crafting (card making, sewing, knitting and others), gardening, dining out and visiting places of interest. I always manage to fit in spending time with my young granddaughter who I look forward to sharing my hobbies with! My diary is then filled with various WI events and get togethers – however did I ever find time to go to work!!

Assistant Secretary, Michelle

Hi, I am Michelle and I am currently the Assistant Secretary, Tuesday Book Club Lead and I also have a welfare role in the Hive WI.

I joined the WI to be part of a local community of women and to have more opportunities to access crafts, a book group and to learn new things. After all the WI is all about educating women!

I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased that our WI blows the stereotype of the WI out of the water.

We are a vibrant community with members of all ages and backgrounds with a wide choice of activities and speakers and I am proud to play my small part.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many WIs in the local area and that we even have two WIs in Beeston.

I have lived in the Beeston area since 1998 and still find it a great place to live, especially as we have shops that sell yarn, art/craft shops that do workshops, a fabric shop and great coffee shops – what more do you need?

If we haven’t met already please come and say hi at a meeting  🙂

Treasurer, Kat

Hi, I’m Kat and I’m the treasurer at the Hive. This involves me keeping track of the money! I pay the invoices for hall hire, speakers etc as well ensuring the members’ money is only spent on things that benefit us as a group.

I like using my skills outside of work (I’m an accountant) and like to think that as part of the committee I help keep the Hive running smoothly.

I originally joined the WI to meet new people and make friends as well as learn new things. I’m happy to say I’ve done all of them!

Outside of the WI I like to spend my time walking my dogs, eating tasty food and enjoying the odd glass of wine! 😀

Social Secretary, Hayley

Hello I’m Hayley. I’m the Social Secretary. My role is organising the programme from your suggestions, supporting the subgroups & coordinating trips & events.

I don’t have much spare time after working 4 days a week & family commitments but when I do I enjoy crafting, walking, visiting cafe’s & watching Athletics.

I joined The Hive to meet new people as I had begun to feel a little isolated & I have met some lovely ladies that share some of my interests through leading the Craft group with Joanne & I’m looking forward to developing more connections with ladies at The Cafe Society that I am leading with Sandra & The Walking Group.

Content Creator, Rosa

I started out on the committee originally with the general task of “doing the Facebook”, but my role quickly branched out into graphic design and writing the newsletter.

The role of Content Creator is a very modern one and refers to creating the digital content for The Hive WI (like this website) as well as designing posters, programmes, and flyers.

I had never done any design work before joining The Hive WI but it is now something I really love doing.

The more you get involved in the WI the more it can challenge you and help you grow.

I really recommend asking how you can help out if that’s something you’d like to do, such as taking a lead in one of the subgroups. Just get in touch!

PS: I sometimes do non-digital things in my role for the Hive. I spent this week crocheting a lot of bees…

Craft Group Organiser, Joanne

Hello, I’m Joanne.

I help run our craft subgroups and have really enjoyed getting to know some fellow crafters.

I have a very stressful job in the public sector and find my relaxation in knitting and cross stitch which I share on Instagram and YouTube, occasionally blogging for Minerva Crafts.

Supper Club and Cafe Society Organiser, Sandra

I joined The Hive WI in January 2018. You often see me on sign in duty as you come in.

I joined for something new to do and to make new friends as one of my old clubs had closed down. I am one of the older members and find everyone welcoming and friendly.

I have been organising the Supper Club for the past eight months. We meet on the third Wednesday of the month at a different restaurant in Beeston. All have easy access and everyone is most welcome to join.