January 2022: Cake Decorating – and The Hive WI Turns Four!

Welcome to our January newsletter!

And Happy New Year!

The headlines are:

  • Details of our upcoming meeting (plus next three meetings);
  • Our subgroup news (including the book of the month and an update on our walking challenge);
  • Our 2022 Calendar of activities;
  • Links to the PDFs for all the proposed resolutions (plus a “just for fun” Zoom);
  • And our calendar for the month.

Please see the bottom of the newsletter for our entire calendar and reoccurring information.

We always include the dates, times, and locations of our subgroups in every newsletter.

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January Meeting

“Cake Decorating”

Jill Owen has been teaching cooking and baking skills for over ten years.

As it is our birthday month (!), we are all about cakes at this particular meeting. Specifically: edible cake decorations.

Jill will use two cameras during the Zoom demonstration. We will be able to see her and a close-up of the sugarcraft in action.

Here is a preview that Jill sent us:

Feel free to just want the demonstration, or join in as you watch!

To make the rose, you will need:

  • Some ordinary fondant paste (not modelling paste) from Sainsbury’s/Tesco
  • A large clear plastic bag
  • A small sharp knife (not serrated)
  • Some green food colouring
  • A small paintbrush
  • A small bowl of water
  • A chopping board with a smooth surface
  • A rolling pin, preferably glass or plastic

We will keep an eye on the chat so you can ask questions throughout, and there will be a chance to turn your microphones on and talk at the end.

As this is our birthday month you are welcome to join us with cake, a drink, and party hats!

It’s going to be sweet!

You can find Jill on Facebook at The Beeston Baking School

 → The next three months:

  • February: Creative drawing
  • March: Annual Meeting
  • April: The History of Knickers

 → Our subgroups in January

  • Saturday 15, 14:00: Crafternoon (venue TBC)
  • Wednesday 19, 19:00: Supper Club at Yannis
  • Thursday 27, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri
  • Sunday 30, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)

Scroll down for the details of this month’s subgroups.

Don’t Forget!

What to bring to the next meeting

Photo by Venkat Ragavan on Pexels.com
  • This meeting will be on Zoom.
  • As it is our birthday and the theme is cake decorating, you are welcome to join us with cake, a drink, and party hats!
  • You can practice along with the demonstration or just watch.

Subgroups: News and Updates

January 2022

  • Saturday 15, 14:00: Crafternoon (venue TBC)
  • Wednesday 19, 19:00: Supper Club at Yannis
  • Thursday 27, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri
  • Sunday 30, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the subgroups, or if you would like to organise a subgroup for The Hive WI.

Walk ‘n’ Talk

387 miles to go

Our Walk ‘n’ Talkers have now surpassed their goal of raising £500 for charity. Before you start cheering, Hayley, who leads the subgroup, said they are not done yet…

“We are getting to the end of our challenge with only 387 miles left to walk,” she said, “but will be continuing to collect sponsorship into February. We would really like to get to £1000.”

All the money raised will go to a memorial garden for bereaved parents in Nottingham.

“We are currently on £724 so quite a way to go but it would be good to get £1000 if we can.”

You can donate here, or share the link on social media.

Book of the Month

The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri

Synopsis copied from Amazon:

  • A Richard and Judy Book Club Choice 2020
  • BBC Radio 2 Book Club Choice 2019
  • Winner of the Aspen Words Literary Prize
  • The Reading Agency’s Pick for National Reading Group Day
  • Over a million copies sold worldwide

‘This is a novel of international significance. Courageous, provocative, haunting, it will open our eyes’ Heather Morris, author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz

In the midst of war, he found love
In the midst of darkness, he found courage
In the midst of tragedy, he found hope

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

What will you find from his story?

Nuri is a beekeeper; his wife, Afra, is an artist. They live a simple life, rich in family and friends, in the beautiful Syrian city of Aleppo – until the unthinkable happens. When all they care for is destroyed by war, they are forced to escape.

As Nuri and Afra travel through a broken world, they must confront not only the pain of their own unspeakable loss but dangers that would overwhelm the bravest of souls. Above all – and perhaps this is the hardest thing they face – they must journey to find each other again.

Moving, powerful, compassionate, and beautifully written, The Beekeeper of Aleppo is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Told with deceptive simplicity, it is the kind of book that reminds us of the power of storytelling.

‘This book dips below the deafening headlines and tells a true story with subtlety and power’ Esther Freud

‘A beautiful novel, intelligent, thoughtful; and relevant. I’m recommending this book to everyone I care about. So I’m recommending this book to you’ Benjamin Zephaniah

‘Powerful, thought-provoking and beautifully crafted’ Choice Magazine


Back on Zoom?

Our Crafternoon might be back on Zoom for January. We will send out an email to let you know!

Other News

The Hive WI 2022 Calendar

Knickers, Morris dancing, and cream tea

12 JanuaryCake Decorating (And Our 4th Birthday!)
9 FebruaryCreative Drawing
9 MarchAnnual Meeting
13 AprilThe History of Knickers
11 MayResolutions and activities
8 JuneLady Bay Revellers Morris dancers
13 JulyTea tasting and cream tea
10 AugustUnofficial meeting (summer picnic)
14 SeptemberBallet fit
12 October“Mildred the Lady Historian”
9 NovemberWomen’s Health with Dr. Fogarty
14 DecemberWreath making
11 JanuaryBirthday party
8 FebruaryCheese and cider tasting (non-alcoholic options available)
8 MarchAnnual meeting and social
12 April“Stage Magic Through the Ages”

The 2022 National Resolutions List

A “just for fun” Zoom has been proposed in our Facebook group to talk about these resolutions.

If you are interested, have a look in our Facebook group to help pick a date and time. You can also email thehivewi@gmail.com and we will send you the Zoom link when it is ready.

The resolutions are:

  • Fit for Purpose – Clothes Fit for Girls

Girls’ clothing ranges often promote harmful gender stereotypes and can lack the practicality and robustness of boys’ clothing due to the different design features and materials used. The NFWI calls on clothing manufacturers and retailers to produce and market clothes for girls of all ages which are equal to their boys’ clothing ranges in terms of design, quality and coverage, and which aim to empower and enable girls to feel comfortable and confident in whatever activity they choose throughout their childhood.

Read the full PDF here.

  • Appropriate Sentencing of Non-Violent Women Offenders

Women in prison are some of the most vulnerable in society. The majority have committed non-violent offenses, and many have been victims of much more serious offenses than those they are accused of committing. Prison can do enormous lasting damage to women’s mental health, and research shows
that community support and management can be far more effective and produce better-reoffending outcomes than custodial sentences, as well as mitigate the negative impacts on children and their wider families. The NFWI, therefore, urges the government to renew its focus on early intervention and community-based solutions for women who have committed non-violent offenses as a matter of urgency.

Read the full PDF here.

  • Equality in Law for the Menopause

Too many women are experiencing discrimination at work and in wider society during menopause. The NFWI calls on the Government to strengthen equality law by including menopause as a protected characteristic alongside pregnancy and maternity under the Equality Act 2010, in order to provide better protection for women and help tackle the stigma around menopause.

Read the full PDF here.

  • Women and Girls with ASD and ADHD Under-Identified, Under-Diagnosed and Under-Supported

Women and girls presenting with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are going undiagnosed. The NFWI calls on the government and funding bodies to fund research into the female presentation of ASD and ADHD, and for action to be taken to improve the diagnosis process for women and girls, to ensure that they are equipped to better manage these conditions and do not suffer in silence. The NFWI further calls on WI members to raise awareness within their WIs of the issues facing women and girls with ASD and ADHD.

Read the full PDF here.

  • Tackling Digital Exclusion

Digital exclusion in the UK is preventing a significant proportion of the population from accessing the internet, and therefore limiting access to essential services, learning opportunities, and social connections. This can be due to a lack of internet connection, lack of access to devices, or lack of digital literacy. With millions of people affected, the NFWI calls on the government to increase investment in digital infrastructure, ensure access to suitable devices and appropriate education and training.

Read the full PDF here.

January Calendar

Everything altogether

  • Wednesday 12, 19:30: Main Meeting (Zoom): Cake Decorating
  • Saturday 15, 14:00: Crafternoon (venue TBC)
  • Wednesday 19, 19:00: Supper Club at Yannis
  • Wednesday 26, 14:00: Cafe Society at The Canalside
  • Wednesday 26, 18:30: Committee Meeting (Zoom)
  • Thursday 27, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri
  • Sunday 30, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)

Please email thehivewi@gmail.com or Hayley if you would like to come to the craft group.

Any member can join us on Zoom for the committee meeting or send us feedback to discuss.

Recurring Events

Your shortcut to the subgroups

  • CAKE Fighters: Varying dates and times
  • Main Meeting: Every second Wednesday (19:30-21:30)
  • Supper Club: Every third Wednesday at a different restaurant (19:00)
  • Crafternoon: Every third Saturday (14:00-16:00)
  • Committee Meeting: Every fourth Wednesday (18:30)
  • Cafe Society: Every last Wednesday of the month in a different cafe (14:00)
  • Thursday Book Club: Every last Thursday on Zoom (19:00)
  • Walk ‘n’ Talk: Every last weekend of the month (10:00)

Please get in touch if you would like to lead a subgroup.

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