June 2020

We’re really getting the hang of online meetings now!

Last month we had a baking tutorial from Vanessa Sabin (or Nessa, as we now know her) from the Two for Tea tearoom in Stapleford. We were able to provide a list of ingridents ahead of time. Due to popular request, the full instructions of how to make Nessa’s Bakewell Tart is included in this month’s newsletter.

You can find her on Facebook at Two for Tea to see her other baking tutorials that she live streams from her kitchen.

Our meeting this month is highly interactive. We had hoped to be meeting in person by now but we won’t let corona get us beat! Ba dum dum chhh…

June Meeting

“Samba Drumming”

For our meeting on Wednesday, we are getting ambitious: we will be hosting an interactive Samba drumming workshop live over Zoom!

Our drummer in command for the night will be Nikki Kemps of Art Beat Projects. Art Beat provides schools, communities, and corporations with workshops and performances in world music, drumming, dance and carnival arts.

Nikki herself is a professional musician and completed MMus Composition and BAHons Performing Arts.

Our drums and shakers will be made of household items.

Ideally, you will have all six of the following, but if you can’t find everything don’t worry. You can still join in!

  • A bucket or plastic bin to use as a drum;
  • A saucepan or tin cans;
  • A shaker, such as a plastic bottle or Tupperware contain that contains dried rice or dried beans;
  • A cake tin or biscuit tin;
  • A wooden or plastic spatula.
  • You will also need something to use as drum sticks, such as wooden spoons, knitting needles, or a ruler.

If you forget on the day you will be given time at the start of the meeting to go and find some DIY instruments. For this meeting, you are encouraged to involve household members to really get a rhythm going!

A good tip for this meeting is to use headphones if you can. Headphones will enable you to really focus in on the sounds that we will be copying from the backing tracks that Nikki will play during the workshop.

It’s going to be banging!

On the Tables

Media swap, Just for Fun, and prizes

If you are on Facebook, head over to our member’s only Facebook group for a virtual version of this month’s “On the Tables”. Threads about these topics on the day of the meeting…

  • Media swap: We’re swapping media recommendations rather than physical items this month. Have you read or watched anything good lately? Are you hoping to get your hands on a particular box set? Have you discovered any good new music? Let us know!
  • Just For Fun: We didn’t have a Just For Fun lined up for this month, but we’d love to see your photos of your DIY drum kits if you’re willing to share them. For the brave – you can also share your videos!

Don’t Forget!

What to bring to the next meeting

Photo by Venkat Ragavan on Pexels.com

What you need to join us this month:

  • The link to our meeting (please check the newsletter email or our Facebook group for this);
  • Headphones (unless you’re involving family members or housemates);
  • A bucket or plastic bin to use as a drum;
  • A saucepan or tin cans;
  • A shaker, such as a plastic bottle or Tupperware contain that contains dried rice or dried beans;
  • A cake tin or biscuit tin;
  • A wooden or plastic spatula.
  • You will also need something to use as drum sticks, such as wooden spoons, knitting needles, or a ruler.

Other News

Nessa’s Bakewell Tart

From May’s “Meet Your Baker” meeting

Shortcrust Pastry:

  • 8oz/225g Plain flour (if you can’t get plain flour you can use self-raising)
  • 4oz/100g margarine
  • Cold water


  • ½ jar of Jam or curd or marmalade
  • 6oz/150g margarine or butter
  • 6oz/150g caster sugar
  • 12oz/300g ground almonds
  • 2 eggs or vegan alternative
  • Few drops almond essence (optional)    
  • Flaked almonds optional
  • Additional flour for rolling pastry 

Tools used:

  • Food processor
  • Rolling pin
  • Pie dish
  • Mixing bowl
  • Hand electric whisk
  • Spatula
  • Baking beans
  • Scales
  • Spoon


Put oven on at 160 degrees.

Weigh the plain flour and fat and add to processor. Whizz until looks like breadcrumbs.

Add 1 tbs of cold water to the blender and keep whizzing. Keep adding a tbs of water at a time until pastry forms a nice firm call of pastry in blender.

Chill pastry for 15 mins in fridge, then allow to come to room temperature for another 15 mintues.

While pastry is chilling, make topping by creaming caster sugar and marg/butter in a mixing bowl.

Mix until lighter in colour and fluffier. Add essence now if using (it’s optional).

Add two eggs (or vegan alternative) and mix again until incorporated.

Add ground almonds and mix until incorporated.

Roll out pastry onto a floured worktop and line flan dish. Trim edges of pastry.

Add baking paper on top of pastry and add the baking beans (or uncooked rice/pulses/dried peas as alternative).

Bake for 20 minutes. Remove paper and beans, if any pastry looks uncooked, add back to oven for 2 minutes without paper, until looks cooked.

Add 1/3 – ½ jar of chosen jam/curd/marmalade – whichever you want to use. Spread evenly using back of a metal spoon.

Carefully add topping mixture in spoonfuls, until jam base of dish is fully covered.

Can sprinkle with flaked almonds, or add tinned pear halves etc to topping now, before baking.

Bake at 160 for 30-40 minutes until a nice golden brown.

Get a spoon and enjoy!

Regular Information

The Hive’s June Calendar

What’s on when

  • Wednesday 3, 13:00 – Crafternoon
  • Wednesday 10, 19:30 – Main Meeting: Samba Drumming
  • Thursday 11, 21:00 – Publess Quiz
  • Tuesday 16, 20:00 – Book Club: Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne Du Maurier
  • Wednesday 17, 19:30 – Supper Club
  • Saturday 20, 14:00 – Crafternoon
  • Wednesday 24, 14:00 – Cafe Society
  • Wednesday 24, 18:30 – Committee Meeting
  • Thursday 25, 18:45 – Book Club: Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller
  • Thursday 25, 20:15 – Publess Quiz

Recurring Events

Your shortcut to the subgroups

  • Craft ‘n’ Chat: Every first Wednesday, 13:00-15:00
  • Pub Quiz: Every two weeks during lock-down, 20:15
  • Walk ‘n’ Talk: Every first weekend of the month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays – times vary
  • Main Meeting: Every second Wednesday, 19:30-21:30
  • Tuesday Book Club: Every third Tuesday, 20:00
  • Crafternoon: Every third Saturday, 14:00-16:00
  • Supper Club: Every third Wednesday, 19:30
  • Committee Meeting: Every fourth Wednesday, 18:30
  • Cafe Society: Every last Wednesday, 14:00
  • Thursday Book Club: Every last Thursday, 18:45

Please get in touch if you would like to lead a subgroup.

For a list of the reading lists for our book groups, please go to our website or check the reminders on our Facebook group.

Walks for the Walk ‘n’ Talk will be listed on our website as soon as they have been planned.

Find Us Online

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  • Facebook: facebook.com/thehivewi
  • Facebook group (members only): facebook.com/groups/thehivewi
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  • Website: thehivewi.com
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