CAKE Fighters

The CAKE in CAKE Fighters stands for Community Action, Knitting, Etc. The WI is known for crafting, cake, and campaigning. In fact, the Women’s Institute has been campaigning on a national level for over 100 years. It is also the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK.

CAKE Fighters is our subgroup that tackles these campaigns. We invite women from all over the UK to join us on Zoom to join us with our expert guest speakers, as well as set ourselves small goals and creative challenges to make a difference to the big picture.

We meet every first Monday of the month at 19:00 for a general chat, but the times and dates of our events with guest speakers vary to fit their schedules.

Here are our events for 2020 and 2021…

What we’re fighting for…

  • 12th of October: Make a Match: Stem Cell Donation with Jet Black
  • November: Ending Domestic Violence with Chris Harris from Broxtowe Women
  • December: Assertiveness Skills for Women with A Woman In Your Own Right author Anne Dickson
  • January: Craftivism with The Craftivist Collective founder and author Sarah Corbett
  • February: TBC
  • March: TBC
  • April: Women and Autism with Odd Girl Out author Laura James

Past speakers

  • August: Plastic Free Periods with Jasmine Tribe from City to Sea
  • September: Ending the Web of Poverty with HOPE Food-bank founder Nigel Adams