Crafting Sessions

Our craft sessions occur every first Wednesday of the month and every third Saturday of the month at Chilwell Methodist Church.

Bring your own project and materials and we will provide the company.

These are the dates for 2019.

Wednesday Craft ‘n’ Chat

19:00 – 21:30

Saturday Crafternoon

14:00 – 16:00

8th January*

5th Febuary

5th March

2nd April

8th May

5th June

3rd July

7th August

4th September

2nd October

6th November

4th December

19th January

16th February

16th March

27th April*

18th May

15th June

20th July

17th August

21st September

19th October

16th November

21st December

To cover the cost of room hire, we charge £2.50 for Hive members and £3.50 for non-members and any first time attendees.

To request more information, please send us a message here.

*Dates changed due to bank holidays