📥 Email Round Up (Mar/Apr)

7th of March: Membership

The new year for WI membership commences on 1st April and this year the fee will be £44.  (For anyone a member of another WI the fee is £21.60.)

We hope that you will be renewing your membership as we have another full and varied programme of speakers and activities planned which you can enjoy with other Hive WI members.

You can make payment via BACs to The Hive WI Barclay’s account (Ed: please see the email in your inbox for our bank details). PLEASE USE YOUR INITIAL & SURNAME AS REFERENCE

Alternatively you can pay at the meeting by cheque (made out to The Hive WI) or in cash (exact amount please) directly to Rosanna at the meeting.  (We can provide an address if you wish to post a cheque.)

It is also important that we have your correct name, address, phone number and email address so please send us an email or complete a form at the meeting.  (If you are not receiving your copy of WI Life then your recorded address may be incorrect.)

Are you a tax payer?  If YES then by completing a Gift Aid form we can reclaim 25p in each £1 of your membership fee this year and the previous 3 years!  Please see Rosanna at the meeting for a form if you have not already completed a form or we can email one to you.  Of course, if your circumstances have changed and you no longer pay tax then Rosanna will need to be notified.

Please could payments be made by the end of April but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

We look forward to another fun year – The Hive WI Committee

8th of March: Covid Safety

Now that the Covid rules for wearing masks etc, have been removed and there are limited Lateral Flow Test kits, we ask that Members do not attend a meeting if they feel unwell in any way.  If you live with anyone or have been in close proximity (working alongside) to someone who has Covid, we also ask that you do not attend meetings.

We hope you agree this is a sensible approach for the safety and wellbeing of other members.

Hand sanitizer will still be provided at meetings and we will continue with additional cleaning.  If you would feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask during meetings, please do so.

If subsequent to a meeting, within a 7 day period, you believe you have Covid we would appreciate an email so that we can advise members – with total anonymity will be retained.

We hope to have several prospective new members joining us at the meeting and any volunteers to welcome them would be appreciated – we know we can rely on you to let them know what a friendly bunch we are!

Many thanks, The Hive WI Committee

12th of March: The Hive WI Updates

We hope that all those members and visitors who attended our meeting on Wednesday enjoyed it as much as us on the Committee!!  Going by the noise and laughter we think you did!

Although the part of the evening which was given over to the Annual Meeting might have seemed a complicated and lengthy process, it is important that we comply with the WI Constitution.  However, by including multi-choice questions on the Financial Statement you were able to gain a better understanding of our Finances, also having the Annual Report as a poem made for enjoyable listening.  Each of these are attached, particularly for those who were unable to join us at the meeting.

We can confirm that Cheryl Ruse was elected President and Michelle Whitehouse will be taking on the role of Secretary while Sally Penn picks up the role of Programme Co-ordinator.  Katie Wakefield is taking on responsibility for ensuring we have a rota of ladies to help set up the hall, make cakes and serve refreshments at our monthly meetings.  Additional responsibilities will be agreed at the next Committee Meeting on 24 March and you will be duly advised.

It has been agreed that at the June Meeting, which coincides with celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and which we will be joined by the Lady Bay Revellers Morris Dancers , members are invited to:

  • wear something red, white and blue
  • bring along Jubilee related souvenirs, photos etc from previous celebrations
  • bring a decorated crown – this will be available for members to collect at the May meeting which they can decorate at home.  We are planning to have a few prizes (details to follow)

Unfortunately the Craft Group will not be meeting on Saturday 19 March in the Methodist Church Hall although some members will be meeting in a local cafe (please email if you want details of this).  The Walk ‘n’  Talk Group have changed the date of their next walk to Sunday 3 April (s0 it does not clash with Mothering Sunday).

There are some additional documents attached as follows:

  • a flyer from NFWI regarding the making of Platinum Jubilee Corgis by members to ‘hide’ around local areas; anyone planning to knit a corgi using the pattern in the recent copy of WI Life please note thefollowing correction:  ROW 11 should be K3, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K3 (20 stitches)
  • details of 3 upcoming events being organised by Notts Federation were of particular interest to some members – please note dates for payment to The Hive WI in order we can make payment to Notts Fed before their closure dates.

Just a reminder that it was decided by Members to have a Zoom meeting in April on the History of Knickers – details will be in the next Newsletter!

Thank you to all those who have already paid their Annual Subscriptions and we ask that all renewals are received by end of April.

We hope you are looking forward to another exciting year as much as we are!

Regards, The Hive Committee 

7th of April: April Meeting

We are disappointed to have to let you know the ‘History of Knickers’ speaker is unable to join us next week for her talk on Zoom.  We do hope to re-arrange this for sometime in the future.

However, we have decided to hold an in-person meeting in the Church Hall at the usual time, even if we are not sure what we will be doing – except there will be plenty of time to enjoy each others’ company over a cuppa and possibly some cake.  More news will be emailed to you before next Wednesday.

In the meantime, thank you to all those who have paid their annual subscription and a reminder to those who have still to pay.

The Hive WI Committee

10th of April: Help at Wednesday’s Meeting

As you know we are re-organising this week’s meeting and we will need 3 members to help in setting out the chairs and tables at 7pm – please email if you can help.

We are returning to collecting donations for hot drinks and cake (yes homemade will be available) but ask for the correct cash (suggesting 50p for drink and with cake £1).

This means we need a couple of members to be in the kitchen from 7:10pm to set things out and serve refreshments before the start of the meeting and tidy up on its conclusion – please email if  you can assist.

More details of the meeting and upcoming events will be in the Newsletter coming out soon!

The Supper Club will be going to The Circle, in Beeston, on Wednesday 20th April.  The Restaurant has asked for a £5 deposit per person, which will have to be paid this week.  Anyone wishing to go must bring their £5 to the meeting but if you will not be at the meeting please send an email so we can make arrangements to collect your money.

The Hive WI Committee

March 2022: The Hive WI Annual Meeting

Photo by Timothy Paule II on Pexels.com

We have quite a few things on the go, this month!

We’ve got…

  • The Annual Meeting
  • Decorating tote bags
  • A seed swap
  • A book swap
  • Annnndddd… cupcakes!

So, March is the month of our Annual Meeting.

This involves looking back at the last year (Sally’s annual poem is now a proud Hive WI tradition), nominating and voting in the 2022-23 President, and looking at our finances through the medium of a quiz.

Remember these from our first birthday?

They were made by Carol of Carol’s Nicely Iced. Carol’s cakes are now also a tradition at our celebrations and special meetings… look at what she’s been up to since we last saw her!

That looks amazing but, honestly, her humble cupcakes are some of the nicest I have ever had.

Here is a sneak peek at the tote bag supplies that will be waiting for you:

We’ll be providing stencils as well, or you can draw your design freehand… perhaps using your skills from the last meeting 👇👏

I love how different they all are! 💐

  → What To Bring To The Meeting

  • A mug;
  • A mask and hand sanitiser;
  • Seeds for the seed swap;
  • Books for the book swap.

→ Next Three Meetings

  • April: The History of Knickers (Zoom)
  • May: Resolutions and activities
  • June: Morris Dancing with The Lady Bay Revellers

 → Subgroup Calendar

  • Wednesday 16, 19:00: Supper Club at Sanchans Thai Restaurant
  • Saturday 19, 14:00: Crafternoon
  • Thursday 24, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
  • Sunday 27, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)
  • Wednesday 30, 14:00: Cafe Society at The Djangoly Cafe

Book of the Month

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Synopsis from the author’s website:

Richard Mayhew is an unassuming young businessman living in London, with a dull job and a pretty but demanding fiancee. Then one night he stumbles across a girl bleeding on the sidewalk. He stops to help her–and the life he knows vanishes like smoke.

Several hours later, the girl is gone too. And by the following morning Richard Mayhew has been erased from his world. His bank cards no longer work, taxi drivers won’t stop for him, his landlord rents his apartment out to strangers. He has become invisible, and inexplicably consigned to a London of shadows and darkness a city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, that exists entirely in a subterranean labyrinth of sewer canals and abandoned subway stations. He has fallen through the cracks of reality and has landed somewhere different, somewhere that is Neverwhere.

For this is the home of Door, the mysterious girl whom Richard rescued in the London Above. A personage of great power and nobility in this murky, candlelit realm, she is on a mission to discover the cause of her family’s slaughter, and in doing so preserve this strange underworld kingdom from the malevolence that means to destroy it. And with nowhere else to turn, Richard Mayhew must now join the Lady Door’s entourage in their determined–and possibly fatal–quest.

For the dread journey ever-downward–through bizarre anachronisms and dangerous incongruities, and into dusty corners of stalled time–is Richard’s final hope, his last road back to a “real” world that is growing disturbingly less real by the minute.

If Tim Burton reimagined The Phantom of the Opera, if Jack Finney let his dark side take over, if you rolled the best work of Clive Barker, Peter Straub and Caleb Carr into one, you still would have something that fell far short of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. It is a masterful debut novel of darkly hypnotic power, and one of the most absorbing reads to come along in years.

CAKE Fighters

The fight is on hold!

Nottinghamshire Federation is keen to get an online WI started. They asked me (Rosa) to help them get it going, which means putting CAKE Fighters on hold… for now!

The new online WI is called Home Birds WI. It will meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 19:00 on Zoom, starting from April.

They’re having a pre-launch meeting on Tuesday the 8th of March to make “posters for peace” for Ukraine. Feel free to pop in!

CAKE Fighters are going out on a high note, though. The white butterflies we made to help promote Broxtowe Women’s Project are currently being displayed in Stapleford Library (pictured below, with BWP staff and the Mayor!):

You can read more about it here.

Find Us Online

  • Email: thehivewi@gmail.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/thehivewi
  • Facebook group (members only): facebook.com/groups/thehivewi
  • Twitter: twitter.com/thehivewi
  • Website: thehivewi.com
  • You can also search for us on Google Calendar using our email address.

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February 2022: Learn to Draw with Alice Kellett

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

This month we will be joined by local artist Alice Kellett:

My name is Alice and I’m a VW fanatic! Ever since my Grandad taught 6-year-old me the basics of art, I’ve loved to paint and sketch; and, of course, my favourite subject is camper vans. Formally trained in fine art, graduating from Loughborough University in 2006, I am currently based in Beeston, Nottinghamshire where I work from my studio. I also take commissions, specialising in personal portraits of VW’s.

Alice will demonstrate and guide us through a range of creative drawing skills and techniques.

We have bought A5 drawing paper and pencils for you to use at the meeting, but you are very welcome to bring your own.

By coincidence, the Cafe Society will be meeting at Canvas and Coffee this month (Wednesday 23, 14:00). The cafe displays many of Alice’s original works!

Here are some photos from her Instagram:

You can find Alice on Instagram and on her website.

  → What to bring

  • If you want to use your own art supplies, feel free to bring them;
  • A mug;
  • A mask and hand sanitiser;
  • The kitchen will be open but you can bring your own hot drink if you want to.

→ The next three months:

  • March: Annual Meeting
  • April: The History of Knickers (Zoom)
  • May: Resolutions and activities

 → Subgroup Calendar

  • Wednesday 16, 19:00: Supper Club at Yannis
  • Saturday 19, 14:00: Crafternoon
  • Wednesday 23, 14:00: Cafe Society at Canvas and Coffee
  • Thursday 24, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): Howard’s End by EM Forster
  • Sunday 27, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)

Walk ‘n’ Talk

Over £1,000 for charity!

They did it!!

Here is a note from subgroup leader Hayley:

We have exceeded £1,000 but are continuing to collect funds during February (including cash at our next members’ meeting). We are so proud of our achievements (both walking and fundraising) as a team.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our walkers!

Donating is entirely optional, and you can do so here if you still want to.

Book of the Month

Howard’s End by E. M. Forster


The novel follows the lives of three families in England at the beginning of the 20th century: the Wilcoxes, rich capitalists with a fortune made in the Colonies; the half-German Schlegels, whose cultural pursuits have much in common with the real-life Bloomsbury Group; and the Basts, an impoverished young couple from a lower-middle-class background. The idealistically motivated, well-read, highly intelligent Schlegel sisters seek to help the struggling Basts, wishing at the same time to rid the Wilcoxes of some of their deep-seated social and economic prejudices.

You can join the book group to talk about Howard’s End whether you have read it, watched it, or just want some company!

The 2022 Committee Needs You!

Contact: thehivewi@gmail.com

Every WI needs a committee to keep it going, and The Hive WI is no exception.

Your role on the committee can be specific or as general as you like.

Feel free to sit in on one of our meetings (always on Zoom) to just have a look at what goes on.

The committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 18.30.

There is no obligation to join or stay for the whole hour.

The Platinum Jubilee

What shall we do?

Photo by David Jakab on Pexels.com

Our June meeting will follow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend and want to mark the event!

We could do something as simple as wearing crowns or go much fancier.

The main event at the meeting is Morris Dancing.

Morris Dancing, the WI, and the Queen’s Jubilee in one evening?! How far shall we take this?! As far as we can, that’s how 🤣

Let us know what you think would make this a fun and frolicking evening!

Find Us Online

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  • Facebook: facebook.com/thehivewi
  • Facebook group (members only): facebook.com/groups/thehivewi
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  • Website: thehivewi.com
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📥 Email Roundup (Jan/Feb)

20th of January: [No Subject]

There were 24 members who joined us on Zoom last week who learnt about how to make flowers from fondant icing – with many members joining in and sharing photographs of their attempts, which were all very impressive!

The Committee will be meeting next Wednesday to discuss the February meeting and lots of other things!!  If you would like to know more about our meetings then you would be very welcome to join our meeting, which are always via Zoom, and we will send you the link!

Anyone who is interested in going on the visit to the Observatory at Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus on Wednesday 2 February at 7pm then payment of £5.50 should be made via [Ed: please check your inboxes for the bank details] with the reference OBSERVATORY.  This must be done by THIS SUNDAY.  Please send an email to confirm you have paid.  If you wish to pay by an alternative method then please send an email.    It is hoped that there can be car sharing.

Final reminder that the voting for theshortlist of Resolutions is 31 January, using the following link:   https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/YWNVXR8

Kind Regards,

Sally Penn


This is on THURSDAY 31 MARCH 2022 at THE NOTTINGHAM PLAYHOUSE Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm (doors open 9.30am)

There will be annual reports and theguest speaker Tim Logan, author in the afternoon.  There will be sub-committee displays and various stalls including Country Markets and the WIShop to visit.

We are inviting 2 members to attend with complimentary tickets, with additional tickets costing £12.50.  To find out more speak to Sally or Pam Lawrence to find out more about this event.  If there are more than 2 wishing to attend then names will be drawn at the end of the February meeting.

So please email your interest or speak to Sally at the meeting.

Regards, Sally Penn

3rd of February: News from The Hive WI

We are pleased to report that we will be having our next  meeting, 9 February, in the church hall and full details will be in the Newsletter being sent to you in the  next few days.

In the meantime we have a few requests to our members:

1:  We need a couple of people to assist in putting out chairs and tables before the meeting. If you can help please send an email.  Of course all help at the end of the evening to put them away will be equally appreciated.  One person to assist in the kitchen would also be welcome.

2:  In June we will be joined by … so it should be a fun evening!  We thought it would be appropriate to include something which acknowledges theQueen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be celebrated during the Bank Holiday prior to the meeting.  Sally would like a few volunteers to share ideas and put them into action for that June meeting.  Either email or speak to her with your interest.

3:  During the last few months that we received many enquiries from local women who were interested in joining The Hive and we hope to have several of them will be joining us at themeeting next week.  The Committee would like them to receive a warm welcome but as you know we, theCommittee, can be very busy during the meeting.  We are, therefore, hoping that a few members would be willing to greet our visitors and spend sometime welcoming them to our WI.  If you would be willing to do this or would like to know more,  please send us an email.

As always we very much appreciate your support.

The Hive WI Committee

3rd of February: June Meeting

My apologies but the last email failed the detail that we have Morris Dancing as the feature for the evening and as an extra we hope to incorporate an acknowledgement to the Queen’s Jubiliee.


January 2022: Cake Decorating – and The Hive WI Turns Four!

Jill Owen has been teaching cooking and baking skills for over ten years.

As it is our birthday month (!), we are all about cakes at this particular meeting. Specifically: edible cake decorations.

Jill will use two cameras during the Zoom demonstration. We will be able to see her and a close-up of the sugarcraft in action.

Here is a preview of what we will be making:

Feel free to just want the demonstration, or join in as you watch!

To make the rose, you will need:

  • Some ordinary fondant paste (not modelling paste) from Sainsbury’s/Tesco
  • A large clear plastic bag
  • A small sharp knife (not serrated)
  • Some green food colouring
  • A small paintbrush
  • A small bowl of water
  • A chopping board with a smooth surface
  • A rolling pin, preferably glass or plastic

We will keep an eye on the chat so you can ask questions throughout, and there will be a chance to turn your microphones on and talk at the end.

As this is our birthday month you are welcome to join us with cake, a drink, and party hats!

It’s going to be sweet!

You can find Jill on Facebook at The Beeston Baking School

 → What To Bring To The Meeting

  • As it is our birthday, feel free to bring cake, drinks, and party hats!
  • Your sugarcraft ingredients (or you can just watch).

 → The next three months:

  • February: Creative drawing
  • March: Annual Meeting
  • April: The History of Knickers

 → Subgroup Calendar

  • Saturday 15, 14:00: Crafternoon (venue TBC)
  • Wednesday 19, 19:00: Supper Club at Yannis
  • Thursday 27, 19:00: Book Club (Zoom): The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri
  • Sunday 30, 10:00: Walk ‘n’ Talk (led by Hayley)

Scroll down for the details of this month’s subgroups.

Donations Update

“A huge thank you to The Hive WI”

This update was posted on Broxtowe Women’s Project’s website:

Staff and volunteers from BWP are busy playing Santa’s elves this week, as they deliver Christmas gifts to women, children, and young people across Broxtowe.

Colette Byrne, Chief Executive of BWP said: “This has been such a difficult, emotional year for everyone, but particularly for the women and families we support. They’re certainly feeling the added pressure that this time of year brings.

“Which is why we are overwhelmed by the generosity and gifts that we’ve received.  These presents enable us to help women create a little bit of magic for their children, and importantly, receive a gift that they themselves deserve.”

“We are so thankful for your generosity this Christmas. We know these gifts will help to brighten up this Christmas for the women and children we support.”

They added that they’d “like to say a huge thank you to” donations from The Hive WI.

Well done, everyone!

Book Club: Book of the Month

The Beekeeper of Allepo by Christy Lefteri


Nuri is a beekeeper; his wife, Afra, is an artist. They live a simple life, rich in family and friends, in the beautiful Syrian city of Aleppo – until the unthinkable happens. When all they care for is destroyed by war, they are forced to escape.

As Nuri and Afra travel through a broken world, they must confront not only the pain of their own unspeakable loss but dangers that would overwhelm the bravest of souls. Above all – and perhaps this is the hardest thing they face – they must journey to find each other again.

‘This book dips below the deafening headlines and tells a true story with subtlety and power’ – Esther Freud

‘A beautiful novel, intelligent, thoughtful; and relevant. I’m recommending this book to everyone I care about. So I’m recommending this book to you’ – Benjamin Zephaniah

‘Powerful, thought-provoking, and beautifully crafted’ – Choice Magazine

Hive WI Crafters

Spotlight on Sarah

Over the last nine month’s, Sarah has made 7 blankets and 18 cardigans for ”little people”. The honeycomb blanket below was made for the new baby of one of our members before she moved to Italy to be with her family.

Così bello, Sarah! So beautiful!

Walk ‘n’ Talk

Over £500 raised!

Our Walk ‘n’ Talkers have now surpassed their goal of raising £500 for charity. Before you start cheering, Hayley, who leads the subgroup, said they are not done yet…

“We are getting to the end of our challenge with only 387 miles left to walk,” she said, “but will be continuing to collect sponsorship into February. We would really like to get to £1000.”

All the money raised will go to a memorial garden for bereaved parents in Nottingham.

“We are currently on £724 so quite a way to go but it would be good to get £1000 if we can.”

You can donate here, or share the link on social media.

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  • Facebook group (members only): facebook.com/groups/thehivewi
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