Join Us!

There are two ways to join us at The Hive WI: as a guest or as a member.


Guests can come to up to three main meetings each year, as well as go to any and all of our subgroups three times each. You can then either pay the membership fee or wait until the following year to come again.

Members can bring any friend to any subgroup an unlimited number of times.

Guests may be asked for a small voluntary donation to help with our running costs.

2022 Membership Costs

Membership for The Hive WI from April 2022 to April 2023 is £44. 

Date of joining in 2022Total subscription rate
1 April to 30 June£44
1 July to 30 Sept£33
1 Oct to 31 Dec£22
1 Jan to 31 April£11

Dual membership is £21.60.

For more information, email us below! Our lovely secretary Michelle will reply to you as soon as she can.

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