Committee and Volunteers

Women’s Institutes are run by and for their members. They survive and thrive as long as there are enough people willing to join in and help out.

We’ve had some fantastic volunteers and we’re extremely grateful to everybody who has ever lent us a hand.

Our Committee

The Hive WI committee meets once a month at The Crown pub in Beeston for two hours. They discuss and plan things relating to the running of the Hive WI, such as how the previous meeting went, feedback from members, and future plans.

Every WI committee must have a president, treasurer, membership coordinator, and secretary. These are also known as a WI’s officers. Besides these four essential “officer” roles, committees are able to create additional roles to suit their needs, although you do not need a specific role to be on the committee at The Hive WI. Those with “non-specific” roles can still help by doing odd jobs or sharing their opinions.

Our officers are:

  • Cheryl: President of The Hive WI
  • Marie: Vice President and Membership Coordinator
  • Hayley: Vice President and Subgroup Coordinator
  • Kat and Roseanna: Treasurers
  • Sally: Secretary

Other members on our committee include:

  • Rosa: Content Creator
  • Joanne: Rota Coordinator
  • Sandra: Non-specific role
  • Katie: Non-specific role

We also have some amazing volunteers who play an essential role in keeping our WI running:

  • Michelle: Program Secretary and Tuesday Book Club leader
  • Morag: Thursday Book Club leader
  • Sandra: Supper Club leader

Click here to read about the committee and what they do in their own words.

You don’t have to join the committee to come to a committee meeting. Hive WI members are invited to come to committee meetings to see what goes on. This is your WI and we want every member to feel that they can get involved!

Other Ways to Volunteer

The committee is the most involved way to volunteer, but it isn’t the only way. There are plenty of things to do and the committee can’t do it all by themselves.

We need people to

  • Talk to new members and guests at the monthly meetings;
  • Bake cakes, biscuits, or buns;
  • Help in the kitchen each month;
  • Help set up or clear up each month;
  • Help at our fundraising events;
  • Join subcommittees;
  • Lead subgroups (you do not have to be on the committee to do this);
  • And help sign members and guests in each month.

No matter what you want to do or how often or occasionally you’d like to do it, it all helps to keep us going!

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