November Meeting

Are you sitting comfortably?

As you become aware of your breathing, let your shoulders relax…

Here’s what to look forward to at our next meeting on Wednesday the 14th of November at The Hive WI…

Main Activities:

We will be joined by hypnotherapist Jenny Lineham of Key Hypnotherapy.

Jenny is a qualified hypnotherapist and a registered nurse.

She worked for 10 years as a Staff Nurse in the Paediatric Unit of Northampton General Hospital. Since becoming a hypnotherapist has worked with GPs in a refresher course on pain management, and is keen to show that hypnosis is an evidence-based therapy.

Her talk will be about an hour long with a demonstration of a gentle hypnotic induction and relaxation.

It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in experiencing hypnosis and see how safe and unthreatening it is.

If you do not want to hypnotised, be assured that no one can go into hypnosis against their will.

The Hive WI Library:

It’s open!

We are swapping items that would be at home in any modern library. This includes books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and quality magazines.

This Month’s Top Tip:

If you are one of our crafty members who has been knitting for the neonatal unit at the QMC, November is the time to bring your items in!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, we can’t wait to see what people have made.

Other News:

The Hive WI is involved in collecting Christmas presents for Midlands Women’s Aid. 

Midlands Women’s Aid provides services and safe housing to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.

You can buy a gift for a child (0-18) or an adult woman.

Please make sure your gifts are unwrapped when you bring them in.

You can bring your gift to our November meeting or to our meeting in December.

The collection is open to donations from non-Hive members too, so please spread the word and tell anyone who might be interested.

Let’s help them have a happy Christmas!

This Month’s Marvellous Volunteers:

Emilie C, Becky C, and Lou G are our star bakers this month.

Please arrive early so we can slice and serve your cakes ready for 7.20pm.

We want to pay you back for the cost of the cake (up to £2.50 per cake) so please remember to sign for your reimbursement by seeing a committee member in the kitchen, too.

Clare M will be helping out in the kitchens.

We still need one more volunteer for the kitchen. If you are up for helping out, please get in touch via Facebook.

Thank you to our November team!

Time and Location:

We will meet at 7.30pm to 9.30pm on the 14th of November in the church hall on Foster Avenue, Beeston (opposite the library).


If you’d like refreshments before we start, please come for around 7.20pm.

We will break for refreshments again later in the evening (do bring change!).

Please do not bring a cake if you have not already signed up to do so.

Remember to bring your mugs! (Cups will be provided if you forget).

Members and Guests:

There is space for guests, but you must reserve your place before coming.

The price of entry for guests is £5 at the door.

Your visitor’s fee will be refunded if you sign up for membership that evening.

Membership Renewal for 2019:

Please be aware that if you want to join us again in 2019 you will need to rejoin the WI in January.

WI members across the country renew their memberships in January. This will also be the case for members of The Hive WI. To make it a smoother transition for Hivers, we will provide you will the relevant forms ahead of time in December.

As always, any issues, comments or questions please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help where we can.

See you at the next meeting!