February 2020

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In cold windy weather such as this, bees huddle together in their Hive and buzz their wings to keep warm. Our Hive is even better. We have cake!

In case you didn’t renew your membership in January, there is still plenty of time to do it in February. Members old and new are very welcome to sign up for 2020 – just ask at the door for a form. You can pay £43 in cash or make transfer online.

Onto the news!

February Meeting

“The Living Energies of Colour”

“What’s the colour meeting about, again?”

There has been a lot of speculation about this February meeting, with guesses ranging from clothes (or “getting your colours done” as Bridget Jones’ mum might say), art therapy, mindfulness and colouring in, or an alternative healing practice.

I can tell you now that it is the latter: colour as a healing practice.

Our guest speaker is Paula-Marie Turner who describes herself as a Colour Therapy Practitioner. On her website she writes that she underwent four years of study, including “Colour Psychology & Counselling, The History of Colour, Colour Symbolism, World Religions & Belief Systems, Ancient Civilisations & Cultures.”

Whether you are “into” alternative therapies or are a dyed in the wool sceptic (pardon the pun!), the story of colour is one that can take you into all corners of history and into all areas of life, from art to aristocracy, and from nature to neurology.

Paula continues, “My fascination with all things Colour began as a small child and continues to this day. I was propelled to understand all I could of this phenomenon, due to a condition I have known as ‘Synaesthesia’ which simply means I experience life through my senses in a different way. For example; words have colour, which forms a shape or a number, which has an aroma or taste, to me.”

Paula will be sharing the full spectrum of her perspective and experiences on Wednesday. It will chase your blues away! 

On the Tables

Media swap, Just for Fun, and prizes

  • Media swap: Closed for this month.
  • Seed and Seedling Swap: If you have green fingers they will be itching to get in the garden by now! If you don’t have anything to swap you can leave us a small monetary donation.
  • Post-Christmas Gift Swap: Back for a second year, we’re swapping items that were gifted to us at Christmas. It was the thought that counts! Please only bring items that are still in excellent condition. Remaining items are donated to charity.
  • Just For Fun: This time last year we hung green hearts in the window of a local cafe. The hearts were in time for Valentine’s Day to bring to mind what we love about nature. You can bring anything related to green hearts to our February table such as a poem, picture, or handmade items.

Don’t Forget!

What to bring to the next meeting

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Usual things:

  • A mug (we will provide mugs if you forget);
  • Your name badge if you have one;
  • Alcohol if you want some;
  • Change for tea and cake (50p each).

Special items for February:

  • Change for the swap shops;
  • Seeds and seedlings if you have any to swap;
  • Items for the gift swap if you have anything you’d like to contribute;
  • Green hearts;
  • £43 for your 2020 membership if you haven’t signed up for this year.

Other News

Choosing a Chairty

Upcoming vote!

Last year members voted in favour of supporting a local charity with money from our fundraising events.

We can’t donate money we have already raised, so supporting a charity might mean something like donating funds from our media swap from now on, having a specific fundraising event for the chosen charity, or giving a percentage of funds from an event like Bee Crafty.

The charities we will be voting for are ones that we have supported over the last few years: Sharewear, Hope Food Bank, and Midlands Women’s Aid (MWA).

We contacted the three charities to ask them what they are currently raising funds for and what they would put any money raised towards. Sharewear and Hope Food Bank replied but we have yet to hear back from the MWA.

Sharewear gives free clothes to local people in crisis who have literally nothing to wear. To ensure that their clothes only reach the people who need them, service users all need a referral from someone like a social worker or a GP. They told us that although all the clothes they give away are second hand, they can only give away band new underwear. They said, “£100 would enable us to buy 20 packs of 7 of children’s pants, something we always need”.

Hope Food Bank provides food to those who are struggling to afford to eat. They told us that they “will need to replace our van in the next 6 months or so”. They have already raised £4,000 out of £8,000 for it and are “looking to approach a number of organisations seeking sponsorship maybe between £500 and £2,000 in the next few months with a view to purchasing around the middle of the year.”

The Hive WI did actually help to raise £500 for Sharewear last year as part of a group effort with WIs around Nottingham, so while £500 isn’t an impossible goal members would have to consider whether we can do it “in the next few months” and how.

Midland’s Women’s Aid unfortunately did not get back to us so we don’t have a specific goal to think about aiming for ahead of the vote.

They describe themselves on their website as providing “safe housing in our Refuge accommodation, support and childcare services. These services provide a lifeline to women and their children, offering safety and support in a peaceful homely environment.  Here you can leave the sense of isolation behind and find friendship. We help women take back control of their lives and make a fresh start.”

All our three charities support local women. Sharewear often donates to women’s refuges like MWA, and many women rely on Hope Food Bank. The MWA helps women and their children make a new start.

What do you think our cause should be? A Passion for Pants? The Van of Hope? Or generally supporting MWA? Votes will be taken at the February meeting.

The Kitchen

Everything you need to know from A to Tea

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

A rota circulates at most meetings for volunteers to sign up to help in the kitchen, but what does volunteering actually involve?

First of all, everything you’ll need will be provided for you so you won’t have to bring anything with you.

Volunteers arrive early to boil the kettles, open the hatch and put the cakes, napkins, sugar, milk, and teaspoons on the tables in front. This allows members to add their own milk and sugar and to choose their own strength of tea, so you don’t have to worry about getting it “right”. It also means members and visitors help themselves to cake after paying.

Pricing is very simple: everything is 50p each.

When someone brings a cake you will ask them if they want to be reimbursed for it. If they do, point them in the direction of a committee member.

Help from a committee member is always there if you need it, as is a sheet of instructions so you don’t forget anything (we will upload these instructions to our website soon).

The kitchen opens at the very beginning of the meeting and closes when the meeting starts proper. The hatch opens again after the main event.

Volunteers work in twos or threes so it’s a great way to feel involved and get to know people.

At the end of the meeting, mugs need to be clean and rubbish needs to be put in the bin. The bin will be emptied by a committee member. Please wash the milk cartons for recycling.

We need volunteers in our kitchen at every meeting. Thank you for making sure everyone stays tea-hydrated!

Regular Information

This Month’s Volunteers

Busy bees

Our star bakers this month are Katie W, Rosie M, and Pam L.

Anne D and Jane B be helping out in the kitchen.

Jane M, Lisa, and Nikki B will be helping set up and clear up in the kitchen.

Thank you so much to our February team!


Drinks, cake, conversation

Cups of tea and slices of cake are 50p each.

If you’d like refreshments before we start, please come for around 19:15.

We will break for refreshments again later in the evening (do bring change!).

Please do not bring a cake if you have not already signed up to do so.

Bring your own cups if you can to save on washing up (though cups will be provided in case you forget), and wine if you would like it.

Time and Location

Our main monthly meeting is every second Wednesday of the month at 19:30 to 21:30 in the church hall on Foster Avenue, Beeston (opposite the library).

Parking and Transport

There is parking just outside the church hall as well as across the road next to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Beeston’s transport interchange is excellent for regular trams and buses.

The interchange is just by Tesco and a four-minute walk from where we meet.

Non-Members and Guests

We’d love to meet you!

Guests are very welcome but you must reserve your place before coming.

There is an optional visitors donation of £5 to our charity.

Guests can come to up to three monthly meetings each year as a guest before being asked to join officially.

Guests can also come our subgroups as a plus one, or visit each subgroup up to three times as a visitor.

The Hive’s February Calendar

What’s on when

  • Wedneday 5, 13:00 – Crafternoon
  • Thursday 6, 21:00 – Pub Quiz at The Crown (50p)
  • Wednesday 12, 19:30 – Main MeetingColour Therapy
  • Saturday 15, 14:00 – Crafternoon
  • Tuesday 18, 20:00 – Book ClubWhere the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • Wedneday 19, 19:30 – Supper Club: Yannis
  • Wednesday 26, 14:00 – Cafe SocietyFlour Brewer
  • Wednesday 26, 18:30 – Committee Meeting
  • Thursday 27, 18:45 – Book Club: Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

Recurring Events

Your shortcut to the subgroups

  • Craft ‘n’ Chat: Every first Wednesday, 13:00-15:00
  • Pub Quiz: Every first Thursday, 20:00
  • Walk ‘n’ Talk: Every first weekend of the month on alternating Saturdays and Sundays – times vary
  • Main Meeting: Every second Wednesday, 19:30-21:30
  • Tuesday Book Club: Every third Tuesday, 20:00
  • Crafternoon: Every third Saturday, 14:00-16:00
  • Supper Club: Every third Wednesday, 19:30
  • Committee Meeting: Every fourth Wednesday, 18:30
  • Cafe Society: Every last Wednesday, 14:00
  • Thursday Book Club: Every last Thursday, 18:45

Please get in touch if you would like to lead a subgroup.

For a list of the reading lists for our book groups, please go to our website or check the reminders on our Facebook group.

Walks for the Walk ‘n’ Talk will be listed on our website as soon as they have been planned.

Find Us Online

  • Email: thehivewi@gmail.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/thehivewi
  • Facebook group (members only): facebook.com/groups/thehivewi
  • Twitter: twitter.com/thehivewi
  • Website: thehivewi.com
  • You can also search for us on Google Calendar using our email address.