October 2019

We usually head each newsletter with an image representing the coming month’s main meeting, but this time I couldn’t resist this fabulous shot from our clothes swap at the Green Festival last month (more on that later). Don’t they look great? Even the dog was dressed up!

This month’s newsletter includes a list of what to bring to the next meeting. The inclusion of a list was requested by one of our Hive members. As this is your newsletter (just as this is your WI in general), we always want to know what we can do to make it work for you and how we can improve it. The list will be a permanent feature of our newsletters from now on. Just look for the picture of the elephant! They might never forget but the rest of us need reminding…

Onto the news!

October Meeting

“The Art of Lace Making”

Our speaker this month will be Janet McGoldrick of the Nottinghamshire Bobbin Lace Society.

Bobbin lace is made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread which are wound around bobbins. It is also known as pillow lace as the lace is pinned to a pillow to hold it in place and give it its form. The picture below on the left shows bobbin lace in the making. Pictured below on the right a woman from 1570 wearing the final product.

Nottingham was famous for its lace, of course. During the British Empire, Nottingham was at the centre of the world’s lace industry.

Lace didn’t just play a role in Nottingham’s history – it played a role in Women’s History, too. At its peak in the 1890’s, Nottingham’s lace market powered a hosiery industry that employed around 25,000 workers – most of whom were women.

The link between women’s history and textiles goes back so far that many ancient goddesses were depicted as master weavers, such as Athena and the Fates from Greek mythology, and Frigg from German mythology (Frigg being the goddess who’s name is at the root of Friday).

Despite the decline of the importance of lace to Nottingham’s economy, modern royals – including Princess Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge (who’s wedding dress sleeves were called “the most instantly recognisable lace sleeves in the world” by The Guardian), and the Duchess of Sussex – were all married wearing Nottinghamsire lace. Royal babies are presented to the public wearing it.

Our speaker Janet has been making lace for over 40 years. She will demonstrate bobbin lace making and talk about the history of lace and how it was made before machines. She will also be bringing a ‘have a go’ pillow and bobbins for you to try your hand at.

This will be a meeting you can literally get laced into.

The Hive WI Library

It’s open!

We swap items that would be at home in any modern library. This includes books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and quality magazines.

If a book catches your eye but you don’t have one to swap in its place, just pop a donation in our jar.

Any left over books will be donated to a charity shop.

Don’t Forget!

What to bring to the next meeting

Photo by Venkat Ragavan on Pexels.com

Usual things:

  • Change for cake, tea, and the media swap;
  • A mug (we will provide mugs if you forget);
  • Your name badge if you have one;
  • Books or other items for our media swap.

Special items for October:

  • Knitted items for the neonatal unit;
  • Crochet or knitted squares for blankets;
  • Money for Bee Crafty for Christmas pre-sale tickets if you want to buy some;
  • Anyone wanting to go to the Christmas meal needs to pay in full by November. There is still time to sign up but we are now only taking full payments.

Other News

Be There and Bring Squares

Make a difference

We’re collecting two lots of squares this month: bonding squares and squares for crochet and knitted blankets.

Bonding squares help mother and baby bond by giving each a knitted square. The mother’s square is placed against her skin, and the baby’s square is placed in the incubator with him or her. After 12 hours, the baby’s square is given to the mother and the mother’s square is given to the baby. The square retains some of the scent of mother and child. This enables them to have contact with each other during a time when they physically can’t touch.

Blankets for the Homeless donate blankets to several charities including to homeless charities working with rough sleepers and newly homed people who often have nothing. They need over 80 squares to make a blanket. Let’s see how many we can make!

Just the Ticket

Bee Crafty For Christmas pre-sale tickets available now

After months of planning we’re excited to say that the pre-sale tickets of Bee Crafty For Christmas will be available to buy at the meetings in September, October, and November. The cost of the pre-sale tickets is £5 while tickets on the door is £6.

Bee Crafty offers six different Christmas-themed crafts to try, a small selection of stalls, a raffle, and refreshments on sale. Both Hive members and the wider community are invited to join.

You’ll find us on the 16th of November, 14:00-16:30 at the Methodist Church on Chilwell Road.

The Great WI Clothes Swap

Swish, swish, swish

Sharewear sent us a “massive thank you” for our part in the WI Clothes Swap at Nottingham Green Festival last month. They said, “It’s brilliant to be forming such productive and long-lasting links with women’s organisations like the Women’s Institute.”

Together with City WI, Beeston WI, Clifton Doves, and Birds of a Feather WI we raised £335 for Sharewear and donated around 15 bags of clothing to them.

Sarah Manton of City WI said, “It’s days like today that make me so very proud to be part of such an amazing organisation with such wonderful women.”

We think so too. 

Thank You!

Crafty bzz’ness

Thank you so much to everyone who has generously donated items to Bee Craft for Christmas. Thanks to you we have enough craft items for the day!

There is still plenty to do if you would like to help: we need bakers to make cakes and mince pies, as well as volunteers to sell refreshments on the day.

Our craft stall also has spaces to fill. We know how much love, time, and effort goes into handcrafts so we really do appreciate any items you are willing to donate. Please put your own price tag on your donations and we will be sure to return anything that isn’t sold.

You can let us know if you are interested in helping out by emailing us at thehivewi@gmail.com, or by talking to Hayley of Michelle at one of the member’s meetings or subgroups. You can also get in touch by leaving a comment in our Facebook group.

Thank you again!

Share Your Stories

A message from the NFWI

The NFWI has requested your stories “to raise awareness of the importance of attending cervical screening”.

They say:

You could write a short story, a poem or send in a diary extract. Please be careful not to name other people unless they have given their permission for you to do so. Stories that are shared with us may be used to promote cervical screening in NFWI Public Affairs resources, WI Life, and on our social media channels. You can of course remain anonymous if you wish to. Get in touch at pa@nfwi.org.uk

Regular Information

This Month’s Volunteers

Busy bees

Our star bakers this month are Katie W, Sue D, and Michela D. Please arrive early so we can slice and serve your cakes ready for 19:10. We also want to pay you back for the cost of the cake (up to £2.50 per cake) so please remember to sign for your reimbursement by seeing a committee member in the kitchen, too.

Sue M and Claire L will be helping out in the kitchens.

Jen L and Sue E will also be helping with setup and cleanup.

Thank you so much to our October team!


Drinks, cake, conversation

Cups of tea and slices of cake are 50p each.

If you’d like refreshments before we start, please come for around 19:15.

We will break for refreshments again later in the evening (do bring change!).

Please do not bring a cake if you have not already signed up to do so.

Bring your own cups if you can to save on washing up (though cups will be provided in case you forget), and wine if you would like it.

Time and Location

Our main monthly meeting is every second Wednesday of the month at 19:30 to 21:30 in the church hall on Foster Avenue, Beeston (opposite the library).

Parking and Transport

There is parking just outside the church hall as well as across the road next to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Beeston’s transport interchange is excellent for regular trams and buses.

The interchange is just by Tesco and a four-minute walk from where we meet.

Non-Members and Guests

We’d love to meet you!

Guests are very welcome but you must reserve your place before coming.

There is an optional visitors donation of £5 to our charity.

Guests can come to up to three monthly meetings each year as a guest before being asked to join officially.

Guests can also come our subgroups as a plus one, or visit each subgroup up to three times as a visitor.

October Calendar

What’s on when

  • Wednesday 2, 14:00 – Cafe Society at Metro
  • Wednesday 2, 19:00 – Craft ‘n’ Chat
  • Thursday 3, 21:00 – Pub Quiz at The Crown
  • Sunday 6th October, 09:30 – Walk ‘n’ Talk
  • Wednesday 9, 19:30 – Main Meeting: “The Art of Lace Making”
  • Tuesday 15, 20:00 – Tuesday Book Club: Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Kathryn Levine Osborne
  • Wednesday 16, 19:30 – Supper ClubLatino
  • Saturday 19, 14:00 – Crafternoon
  • Thursday 24, 19:30 – Thursday Book Club: The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Reoccurring Events

  • Walk ‘n’ Talk: Every first weekend of the month
  • Craft ‘n’ Chat: Every first Wednesday, 19:00-21:00 at the Methodist Church in Beeston
  • Cafe Society: Every first Wednesday, 14:00 (various locations)
  • Pub Quiz: Every first Thursday from September at The Crown Inn, 20:00
  • Main Meeting: Every second Wednesday, 19:30-21:30
  • Tuesday Night Book Club: Every third Tuesday, 20:00 at The Star Inn in Beeston
  • Saturday Crafternoon: Every third Saturday, 14:00-16:00 at the Methodist Church in Beeston
  • Supper Club: Every third Wednesday, 19:30 (various locations)
  • Thursday Evening Book Club: Every last Thursday, 19:30 at The Star Inn in Beeston

Find Us Online

You can also search for us on Google Calendar using our email address.