Recycling List

At our February meeting, one of our members came forward to say that she’d take items for recycling from members that are usually not recycled by councils but are recycled by a specialist provider, Terracycle UK.

See the form below for what she is able to take off your hands at our monthly meetings.

Thank you very much, Pam! What a great idea 🙂

Items Not Normally Recycled by Councils

Terracycle UK recycle items which are not normally recycled by local councils, so usually go to landfill or incineration. There are several schemes, each funded by big companies so they are VERY SPECIFIC about what they take. If unsure, please check at the relevant Terracycle scheme link in the table below.

Locally we have collection points for the following:

Biscuit, Cracker & Cake Wrappers (NO cardboard)All brands, packets and individual wrappers, sweet & savoury including GoAhead range. Inner & outer wrapping (multipacks & secondary clear packaging)Mini biscuits e.g. from coffee shopsPlastic boxes in Foyer, Beeston Methodist Church, Chilwell Road NG(91EH
Toothpaste and brushes (Any brand)
Empty toothpaste tubes and caps. Plastic toothbrushes and their outer plastic packaging. Floss containers and outer packaging. Electric and battery toothbrush heads.
Labour Hub, Chilwell Road, (near Flour Brewer)Colgate Oral care
Coffee Packaging (Tassimo & L’OR recycling scheme)
Kenco Eco refill pack, any L’OR coffee capsules, any size of Tassimo T-Disc, Kenco plastic coffee jar lids (NOT other brands), any size of Tassimo flow wrap packaging
Beeston Methodist Church
Garnier Beauty and Self-care items (all items as clean & dry as possible) NO BOTTLES except hair dyeSun Protection: Plastic caps/pumps/trigger sprays. Flexible plastic tubes & cap. Wipes and lip packaging.Deodorants: Plastic roll-on bases/caps. Plastic cream deodorant bases/caps. Plastic caps from aerosolsHair care: Plastic lids/tops from shampoo/conditioner/hairspray. Plastic pumps. Flexible plastic tubes/caps, plastic sachets. Hair dye bottles/caps. Aluminium tubes/caps from hair colour. Plastic hair mask pots/lids. Single use hair mask packagingSkin care: Plastic lipsalve packaging. Single use mask packaging. Plastic face/body cream pots/lidsPlastic pumps/trigger sprays from handcream/soaps. Plastic tubes/caps from hand/face/body creamsMake-up Wipes packaging (NOT baby or domestic cleaning wipes)Beeston Methodist Church
Writing itemsAny brand of pen, highlighter, marker pen and correction fluid bottles.Rymans, Beeston (and other towns)
Pringles cans and plastic lids/sealsLabour Hub
Crisp packetsAny brand. Crisp multipack outer packaging is accepted. 
Please do not fold the crisp packets into triangles.
Pearson centre

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